GridMon Service Manager provides a proactive, real-time monitoring solution that watches over servers, workstations and network devices to ensure maximum availability and performance.

A live control panel is accessible 24x7 from an office computer or mobile phone. Gridmon Service Manager is built using high availability infrastructure to deliver information 24 hours a day.

GridMon Service Manager consolidates across multiple sites to give an end-to-end view of a corporate IT infrastructure. It is scalable, cross-platform and has the flexibility to support customised monitoring.

Key Features and Benefits include:


The GridMon Service Manager portal provides a unified view of IT Operations from any networked location. Easy access to the portal enables staff to gain a better understanding of the type and severity of issues quickly, improving the quality of any remedial activity.

Alerts can be distributed via email and/or SMS. Our messaging solution also provides for two way communications which allow acknowledgement by return email or SMS. Simplifying the alert acknowledgement process reduces the impact of an issue on support staff. They can assess and acknowledge an alert with minimal interruption to their current activity or task.


The flexibility of the GridMon Service Manager framework can be customised to meet unique operational requirements. Intelligent decision logic can be built into both the test and alerting processes to improve the effectiveness of the solution. For example, reporting that a database table has breached a capacity threshold in the middle of the night may not be immediately necessary, if the remaining capacity is adequate to sustain growth until business hour operations recommence, or perhaps an automated remedial action could be taken such as transferring archive logs to tape to clear space.


GridMon Service Manager tracks and trends each environment to make it immediately obvious when a system is 'maxing out'. This data is invaluable for capacity planning.

Service level reporting provides insight into the quality and effectiveness of IT operations. Reliable service level reporting is an essential component of best practice service delivery models, such as ITIL. Incidents can be documented and all historical events can be viewed. It is even possible to roll back time to see the overall status of an environment around specific events or incidents. The availability of information improves the efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations and helps to achieve service delivery objectives.


GridMon provides a relationship-based service ensuring critical knowledge of any deployment is maintained and available through preferred support engineers. Expert resources are available to deploy and customise the implementation of GridMon Service Manager across multiple operating environments and platforms and individual support offerings can be tailored to meet a customers unique support requirements.

Integrated View.

Metrics from vendor specific tools and applications can be collated and fed into GridMon Service Manager to provide a single consolidated dashboard of all key business systems and processes.

Reliable Results.

The integrated messaging solution ensures the delivery of the information required to provide the availability and continuing high levels of service that organisations require from their IT investment.

Improve Capital Stewardship and Reduce Costs.

The GridMon Service Manager pay-as-you-grow model does not require the purchase of equipment, software or specialised skills. The customer is not locked into ongoing software maintenance fees. GridMon Service Manager scales without draining resources and has low predictable costs.

Rapid Deployment .

GridMon Service Manager can be deployed within a day for a moderately sized business, by utilising a standard configuration that comes with preset thresholds. This rapid deploment model enables organisations to immediately gain access to accurate and objective measures of performance across all of the IT systems. The standard configuration comes with comprehensive service level management and reporting. The thresholds and reporting mechanism can be tailored at any time to meet the ongoing needs of an organisation.

GridMon Service Manager provides monitoring, alert notification, event reporting, historical trending and capacity management from a central portal that is viewable from anywhere. With Gridmon you can pro-actively manage the health and performance of your IT infrastructure. Gridmon helps you to achieve optimal service levels.