Gridmon Service Manager is provided as a service so that it continues to function even if critical parts of the customers infrastructure should fail. This is precisely the circumstance in which Gridmon is needed most.
The service utilises multiple data centres for high availability. This ensures that Gridmon is available, even when the target systems being managed are not. Critical alerts will still be sent and escalated as necessary to ensure normal operations are restored as soon as possible.

The service model facilitates the rapid deployment of Gridmon requiring only a light-weight agent to be installed on each target machine. No additional hardware or skills are required.

The solution scales from small single sites to large multiple site enterprises and can consolidate existing disparate monitoring tools to provide a single enterprise view. Gridmon Service Manager can be the glue to connect these disparate systems so that the investment in them is not wasted.

Expert consulting support is available to customise the solution to meet unique requirements of a business.

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